About me . . . 


Sport & exercise have always been such a huge part of my life that is seemed inevitable that my passion and my work would eventually coincide. 


From an early age hockey played a dominant role. Representing Scotland in the Junior European and World Championships was the highlight of my career and this then led onto to

playing in Paris for a couple of years after my law degree. 


Playing at this level we were of course taught how to stretch well, cope with our daily fitness schedule and the benefits of a good diet. What I however did not address was the effect on my spine of all those years being bent to one side over a stick!  


Once I started working , I found that the endless hours of sitting started having a detrimental effect on my body. Pilates was just becoming popular and so I joined a class to help with the stress of work and also help look after my aching back! 


After having my daughter,  I decided a career change was in order and having enjoyed and benefited from Pilates for nearly 10 years , I decided to train with Body Control Pilates qualifying in 2008. 



My experience . . . 


Since qualifying with Body Control in 2008 , I have taught classes and 1-2-1 sessions firstly in London and now in Kent. As a member of the Body Control Pilates Association we commit to continuing our training each year . As such I have been on numerous courses each year including Intermediate & Advanced Matwork , small equipment courses eg small ball, toning circle, roller etc, pilates for bone health & pilates for the older person . I am currently studying to teach the Pilates Reformer and also for a Level 4 Pilates qualification.


In 2014 I decided to embark on the Franklin Method teacher training and in 2015 I qualified as a Level 1 educator and have recently qualified as a Level 2 educator in 2018. This has added a depth of knowledge about the body's design and also a true appreciation of potential of the mind through the use of imagery which has transformed my teaching and my own practice! I  am currently in the faculty for Franklin Method and am hoping to lead teacher trainings in the future. 


 I continue to grow as a teacher and a student and hope that I will never stop learning things about my body and how amazing it is!!